Saturday, 9 January 2010

Long live Palestine

The people of Palestine are living under Israeli occupation in appalling conditions. It is in response to this that the British musician Lowkey has released a single, Long Live Palestine, Part 2 — the release date of 1 January 2010 is timed to be one year after Israel attacked Gaza and left over 1400 Palestinians dead. There is a campaign underway to get the song into the charts. Here is a snippet:

[Update: I notice the video has now been deleted, so try this instead.]

There are various ways to buy the song: see the campaign’s Facebook page for more details.

Lowkey’s song is stridently political and openly partisan. Yet it succeeds because the politics complement the music, they do not overpower it. It is a fine example of art enlisted in political struggle.

Additional links:
Lowkey’s MySpace page
Palestine Solidarity Campaign (of which Lowkey is a patron)

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